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All International Travel specializes in providing you with a customized vacation, with a broad portfolio of services and destinations around the world, specialized in the Cuba market. We have a team of professionals capable of satisfying your most demanding expectations. Select your flights, hotels and rent a car. Leave us the worries of shaping your personal or family trip. Especially in Cuba, we have a team that is an expert in the country and all its tourist products. We are a partner of the main Cuban receptives.

All International Travel ensures that the requested service is reserved before the client proceeds to pay; In our site you can pay using your credit or debit card, for this you have two forms of payment:
Deferred: The client makes the request to our specialists, once your reservation is confirmed you will be sent an email with the payment link, it will have a maximum time (which is defined according to the service) to make the payment, once this is done the reservation will be ready.
Reserve of funds: Through this form of payment your card will be withheld from the amount of the reservation, you will not be able to use this money in a period of 72 hours, in that time our specialists will search all your products, if the reservation is confirmed The amount of your card will be withdrawn, if the reservation is not confirmed or it passes more than 72 hours the amount will be released.
Our specialists will always give priority to the requests for reservations that are made through Reservation of funds.

This product is very special, we offer rent in different category of the best classic cars of Havana, these are in excellent condition, these products are very special for the agency because of the heritage value they bring, our classic cars will transport you up to 50 years in the history, doing a tour of Havana in one of these cars will be an experience you will never forget

All International Travel offers air tickets to different tourist destinations, you can book your ticket from our website, due to the reputation and good relations with the Cuban receptives we can offer this product, if you want to travel by plane to any tourist destination of Cuba , do not hesitate to make the request, we make the reservation and you can comfortably sail.

All International Travel offers a wide range of transfers, you can make the reservation of these. If you wish to travel to any place on the island, you have the opportunity to look in our site for the transfer you need.

All International Travel has a relationship with the Cuban income agencies, so we always try to please our customers, we always make sure that there is availability of your car before you pay, remember, for us you are the most important.

All International Travel has a wide variety of circuits throughout the island, you can get to know Cuba and you will have an excellent stay that you will never forget, just choose the circuit of your choice and leave us the worries of confirming your ideal trip.

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